What if the fade being ripped open in da:i has nothing to do with templars and mages but everything to do with those weird side quests in da:o like activating the places of power and watch guard of the reaching and summoning sciences

I mean the warden did a bunch of weird shit in da:o without fully understanding what any of it does

I know! That always pissed me off

Message: “Go here and smear blood in a pentagon why? No reason”

Warden: “good enough for me!”

inquisitor: and how much did you do this for?
warden: one whole sovereign
inquisitor: *quietly fuming*
warden: there was also that one time i dug up the scrolls of banaster for some blood mages i never met
inquisitor: you did what
warden: that was for a whole five sovereigns

"I’m threw some ashes on a rock in the Kocari Wilds."
"Why. Why did you do that."
"Well I found a note on a dead guy that said it was good luck or something so I figured what harm could it do."
*laughs* “Turns out a lot of harm. Who knew, amirite?”

Our wardens were totally the ones who pushed the big red button that read “end of the universe: do not push”.

Then purple Hawke came along afterwards and pushed it again because “IT OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T WORK YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT”

 #no wonder they’re both missing they realized what happened and skipped town to avoid the mobs (via inquisitorsfancyhats)

"I don’t like TouMaki anymore"

*reblogs more toumaki*



omg arakita, pls contain yourself, we’re in a race
min-el-garaib: Fukukin, Arafuku, Shinizu, Toumaki, Midosaka, Sansaka

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FukuKin: ship it

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ShinIzu: aww (I didn’t realize this was a thing somehow but it’s cute??)

TouMaki: maybe, aww (I shipped it a lot until I started shipping TadoMaki and now I kinda don’t like it anymore haha…)

MidoSaka: aww

SanSaka: aww

(I ship Onoda kissing everyone on the cheek)

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